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Guess What I watched a lot of as a kid?

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 13, 2015, 7:32 PM

Tv Show List Grade K- 8. 
To give you an idea of where my art directions came from. You maybe able to find something I was inspired by from these. These are just the ones I remember by the way, off the top of my head, and made a big impact on me.

DragonBall Series

While a lot of girls were into Sailor Moon (Still really good but not my thing.) I was jumping around to the DragonBall Z dub. I watched it for a while, though I missed a few in-between and the story a bit mixed up for me. I watched Z up until (and hold onto me cause Were going seasons deep Z here!) the android arch. I was fine with it until Android 17 got sucked up Cell's Tail and was begging for his life while being crushed to death and absorbed. I kind was like "How Sh-!" and turned off the Tv. I then decided to leave the series alone for about five years. 

But Im back baby, well, I've been back for three years at least now, but you get the idea! 


I was alway enchanted by this show's dark edges and story plots. As a child I was about 6-8 when I saw it, and as I was an idiot and didn't know anything about working a remote or network showing times being preset, so I never really watched it alot. It still did make a big impression on me with 1 or 2 showings alone. This show makes my heart flutter at how beautiful it is, just like when I was a kid.

Stickin' Around
Canadian show that maybe more quantity than quality. Though if that were true, how could i remember so many things about it? It was kind of a show that was stuck between other shows that kept you busy until the next one came on. I still like this show, though its not QUITE as funny as it use to be. Something I think is a bit weird now that I didn't as a kid is that theres a girl Polly whom is always walking around with her pet dog Pepperoni. Only Pepperoni got hit by a car and it dead, so she's basically dragging a dead dog around most of the show, tire marks and all.

Monster By Mistake

Hey kids, who likes nightmares! I remembered this show looking meh-ish, but looking back now , deargod.  Yah see this kids? This is why you should thank the kids of the 90's for putting up with animation like this so you could get better CGI shows like Dinosaur Train or How to Tame Your Dragon-Riders of Berk. I'd include Reboot here, but it attempted actual character progression. I also didn't watch it much. It was a bit uninteresting for me. Also, if you reconize that voice, its actually Rupert Bear's voice actor. 

Wind, Rain, Shadow, Wood, Sword, Thunder, Power , Sleep. 
The summer of 05 was the Summer of CardCaptor! I use to watch this with my babysitter, lots of fun. 
Ahh, Ray... :Heart: Wait, hold on... ah, anyway. I loved this toy commercial, I mean show, I mean... The story was ok. I think. Did they go around to different torments. I remember something more sinister I think. Oh well. 

Jackie Chan Adventure
Haha! I watched the CRAP out of this show. Oh Chanster is there anything you can't do right? Jackie and Jade were a big part of my child hood. My favourite was when the Talismen turned int real animals for a bit.

This is a show I started to appreciate the older I got. I remember not enjoying it until one afternoon I was home early after a dentist visit. I watched it as there was nothing else on besides Teletubbies (My brothers that time go to show at 4) and other lil kid shows. I remebr realising how good it was and watching it more than ever. what can I say :D

Do I even need to, Do I? Hm.

Well let me tell you then. When I was a kid I was, as said before, a moron, an idiot. Dummy mic stupid puff for a brain kid. Don't believe me? Well  at the age of 5 we moved into a new house and my parents were just setting everything together.  I was down stairs. My parents had assigned me to Uncle Tv for a bit, but had turned him off and given me some toys to keep busy with. Yah that lasted, what half an hour? Usually I watched Barney, or put in another video I watched constantly (Don't worry I put it here as well.) So I turned on the Tv and Pokemon was on. ( Ep69 ;Lights, Camera, Quack-tion. To be specific, yes that was how big this effect was, I remember the first episode I ever saw.) Being a idiot I ran excitably upstairs to tell my mother about the fact the there were 'other things on tv besides barney!!'


Heres the other one I watched as very little kid that I remember well. One of my first memories was sitting in a messy movie draw to fin the box set of VSH my parents had, most likely, pulled from the 50% off bit. God I love this show. No distinct dialogue, clay animation, and all about a somewhat bratty penguin and his family. One episode I remember the most is a dream episode Pingu had that I now know was a reference to Little Nemo, Adventures In Dream Land (Pick your version of that). He's followed by a Walrus throughout the thing, who's head is the size of his dam house. Look at thsi #%%@ up thing!  Mable was right, Stop Motion IS SCARY!
Im starting to see a pattern! I always liked Digimon, brace yourselves, more than  Pokemon. What? The plot was tighter and darker. They are trying to kill the kids in this show. Felt more heavy. Maybe thats why I have a digimon wall scroll and not a pokemon one.

Monster Rancher
This one I bearly saw, like Cyber6. I think it was trying to cling to the coat tails of Pokemon and Digimon, but was left in the dust. Once again, dark story lines and some really sad subplots. Character development and it was  AWSOME! The blue wolf ,Tiger, I think was his name, was my favourite monster. He started out on the evil side, then was betrayed by his brother and got the shit kicked out of him and turned traitor to our hero's side. He and Hare (The rabbit) had a Zoro, Sanji relationship if I remember correctly.I think it could have also been taken down because of parents complaining about the actual depictions of DEATH. While no body was seen, it was made pretty clear that those character were GOne and not alive anymore. Once killed they returned to their disc, only impaled on a root growing out of the ground to serve as a headstone.

Well I loved the darker stuff as a kid huh. Based off the Book series of which this show prompted me to read, is about a medieval ear where animals replace people. They-they like to go into paragraph descriptions of meals the character eat in the books and raw them to great lengths in the moves. Hares are also know to be gluttonous. I dunno, thats just a big part. The action was good though and once more characters die. First episode someone falls off a wall and dies. Both book and show are recommend.

Watership Down
Again, must I? This is a show I watched 1 episode ending of as a kid, and becomes addicted. Sadly never to find it again until online in 2007. Almost SEVEN years after I saw it first. What episode did I see? The most realistically Violent one !The Easy Life , where one rabbit is visually strangled, with a wire snare. I was messed up I guess. trust me  though, I freaken danced in place when I found it

This was another show I didn't know the name of. I was sitting in a Playdium when I first saw it. I couldn't even hear it. I saw it and blam. I fell in love. Only to not find it until almost seven years later... again. these are rough estimates though, but dam, what the heck with me?

Anyway, tahts all for now. Ill maybe do another later of highschool to now , maybe a 'need to finish' list and a 'Guilty Cartoon Pleasure' list of bad cartoons I like. Hopefully you have seen these shows as well, or maybe you now want to check them out! Haha, thats it for now!




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